Homeopathic medicine is not a substitute for a healthy life-style. Homeopathy works best in conjunction with balanced eating and exercise habits... Read More... There are over 3000 homeopathic medicines to choose from, derived from plant, animal, or mineral Sources.Read More... Homeopathy rocks because it harnesses the most powerful medicinal tool available to mankind, our own self-healing capacity.Read More...
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Julek is not the kind of Naturopath who simply substitutes natural 'medicines' for pharmaceuticals. His approach to health and healing is that disease and illness is less about our world and more about our feelings about our world.

Since 2008 when I first started seeing him, I've had great results and feel that I am in good hands when working with Julek. It is definitely not like visiting most other health professionals. With Julek there is a deep exploration of my thoughts and beliefs about myself and what I'm experiencing in life. I highly recommend Julek to anyone who wants a refreshingly different approach to getting well and staying that way."

Gwen McCauley
Life Transition Coach & Trainer, Small Bus Dvpmt Coach, Women's Retreat Facilitator, Artist, Author.


On Asthma and Restlessness

Julek is an alchemist, a catalyst in helping achieve not just cure, but transformation. I was not into homeopathy, and was skeptical to try it. The first few prescriptions did nothing, and I was starting to feel like my skepticism was proving true. Then, during a muggy day, when the asthma I've suffered from felt like an elephant sitting on my chest, I consulted Julek again. He went deep into my psyche, gained insight into a chore issue of my life struggle, and prescribed something from nature that addresses not just asthma, but what might best be described as a kind of boredom with what seems like the mundane aspects of life, a restless longing for ocean adventure. My asthma disappeared within a day, while my restlessness has turned to clarity of purpose! As you read this, I'm sailing from Manhattan to the Caribbeans, gone for the whole winter of 06-07. I am now a believer, both in homeopathy, and specifically in Julek's talents.

Danielle Courteau


On Arthritis, Fatigue, and Trigeminal Neuralgia

I went to see Dr. Meissner for arthritis and lethargy which he has helped tremendously. I started getting shooting pains in my ear which was diagnosed as trigeminal neuralgia. He gave me a medication and within 3 days the pain was gone and has not returned.

Ev Anderson


On Ailing Pets

Thank you Julek, for answering our prayers in the moment of need. Through you, homeopathy saved our cat. You are our angel. Love certainly cures. The healing you have given demonstrates that miracles do happen.

With Love

Mayumi Gomi and Peter Menear


On Asthma

Dear Dr. Meissner,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how grateful I am for your help with my now 21 year old daughter Margaret and the asthma she used to suffer from. Since she saw you over 10 years ago and followed your homeopathic treatment, she no longer has any trouble breathing. Before homeopathy, she had used puffers, and they did not seem to help.

Since not needing to worry about asthma attacks, Margaret has been able to participate in competitive swimming and other physical activities that would have been limited by her concerns for and reaction to her asthma. She hasn't needed any medication, homeopathic or chemical, for over 10 years, and is asthma-free to this day. I?m not quite sure what you did, but whatever it was, it certainly worked!

Thanks again,

Norm Looker



I suffered with headaches for over 10 years. They used to be so debilitating, I was paralyzed with them. I had every conceivable test done on me, including CAT-scan and MRI, but nothing was ever found to be wrong with me. I also tried cleansing and elimination diets, which would help briefly but then I'd keep relapsing. Drugs would mask the pain, but I'd feel so dopey after.

Homeopathic medicine not only took the headaches away, it gave me back my peace of mind. I never realized how tense I was till I started on the homeopathy, which helped me feel more comfortable inside myself, more mellow and relaxed. I can handle the stress that comes my way a lot better now, with no harmful side effects.

Bill Drummond


On Suicidal Depression, Gall Bladders, and Weight Loss:

I first met Dr J when my daughter tried to commit suicide. She was like a walking zombie, with no life in her eyes at all. I brought her to see him and within hours of taking the prescribed medicine the light was back in her eyes and within a week she actually gave me a hug ? something that hadn?t happened in years. That was in the early 90's, and my daughter is still with us.

I was impressed with how quickly yet gently homeopathy had worked so I started seeing

Dr M myself. During our session I told him that I was scheduled to have my gall bladder surgically removed in a week and asked him if he could recommend a remedy that would help with the healing process. He suggested instead that I postpone the surgery so that we could give homeopathy a chance. I followed his recommendation and continued to work with him. Fifteen years later I still have my gall bladder and no more gall bladder attacks. In fact today I am a very healthy individual. I have lost almost 100 pounds and feel that the credit goes in large part to him and homeopathy. Homeopathy really does work on all levels ? mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I am pleased to call Dr M my doctor. I find him a very caring,

person with incredible listening skills and highly recommend him. I wish more people would try homeopathy.

Edith Lane