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Julek Meissner ND, DHANP

Julek Meissner,
N.D. Homeopathic Medicine


Home visits available by request.

Services available in English, French and Polish.

Initial visit:

The initial visit is a 1.5 - 2 hour appointment (though for children it may be less), during which time we examine your chief complaint in detail, including its origin and history, how you experience it, what makes it worse and better, and how it affects your moods, your appetite, your outlook on life, etc. A thorough examination of any other health concerns is done. As well, we identify what is unique about your nature, trying to shed light on how your symptoms fit into your body's coping style. We may or may not be ready to prescribe a homeopathic medicine at the end of the initial visit. If not, I may need time to review the contents of our initial visit. I may, for instance, need a week to think about all that was talked about in our first visit, at the end of which, I may be ready to prescribe, or I may ask you to come in for clarification.

A homeopathic medicine may be administered just once, may require to be repeated once/d for up to 3 days, or may require daily repetition.

Follow-up protocol:

The purpose of follow-ups is to determine whether there has been a sought-after response to the initial prescription. Follow-ups typically occur at 3 week intervals (more frequent in an acute or emergency situations). Follow-ups occur less often and become shorter once a person is feeling better.

The goal is to help you become independently healthy.

The longer the problem has been in existence, the more follow-up visits may be needed before resolution of the problem has been achieved.
Your patience is greatly appreciated.

When canceling or rescheduling an appointment, please give
48 hours notice