Homeopathic medicine is not a substitute for a healthy life-style. Homeopathy works best in conjunction with balanced eating and exercise habits... Read More... There are over 3000 homeopathic medicines to choose from, derived from plant, animal, or mineral Sources.Read More... Homeopathy rocks because it harnesses the most powerful medicinal tool available to mankind, our own self-healing capacity.Read More...
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As a homeopathic physician with over 25 years experience, I know that our body has a remarkable ability for self-healing. Hidden in our nature is the most powerful medicinal tool available to us, that subtle and dynamic part of our being which when harnessed, can turn suffering into wellness. Symptoms, whether headaches, depression, chronic fatigue, or any other condition, are not the enemy, but an ally, a hidden representative of our inner healer. They are our body's inherited physical, emotional and mental response in times of stress. Proper symptom-interpretation can lead to remarkable insights into what our body and soul require to help us heal.

Healing is a process. Disease takes time to develop. Healing too requires time, including time to review and refine our perception of our life journey, where we came from, how we feel about our life, and the impact of our self-attitude on our well-being.

To heal, it might be helpful to identify patterns in our life that keep repeating themselves, developing insight into the role these patterns play in our longing to evolve. Recurring patterns can be seen as a language of our Soul in search of unfolding. A truly holistic healing approach offers an opportunity to recover health, while promoting awe toward the hidden mysteries of our life journey.

The roots of our disease hold the key to our healing. At Full Circle Healing, we examine your life journey, identifying significant events in your life that may have contributed to your condition, how you responded physically, emotionally and mentally during these events, and how your responses to stress, once entrenched, become unconscious contributers to your present suffering. This self-examination helps us determine what is unique about your coping style. A natural substance is then chosen that is homeopathic or compatible with your inner healer.

Mission Statement:

  • To listen, valuing your life story as a source of insight into the nature of your unique coping style.
  • To investigate your response-style to significant events in your life, identifying the nature of your inner healer by examining your reaction in times of stress.
  • To examine coping habits you may have developed in response to life-changing events, coping strategies that may no longer be serving you well.
  • To promote new and more supportive stress-response habits, including the ability to choose to identify less with circumstance and more with inner peace.
  • To facilitate healing by selecting one of over 3000 natural substances available to us that is homeopathic (complementary) to your nature, a substance which, through the Law of Similars, enhances your vitality, thereby helping you develop resistance to inherited predispositions.
  • To promote healthy life-habits, such as a health-promoting diet, exercise, balance between work and play, and an attitude of respectful self-awareness, habits that encourage compassion, joy and self-acceptance, enhancing the quality of your life.

Julek Meissner ND, DHANP


Homeopathy has enjoyed the patronage of the British royal family for the past four generations. Homeopathic hospitals and out- patient clinics are part of the British national health system. British homeopathy is recognized as a post-graduate medical specialty by virtue of an act of parliament!

The World Health Organization has cited homeopathy as one of the systems of traditional medicine that should be integrated worldwide with conventional medicine in order to provide adequate global health care.

Julek Meissner,
N.D. Homeopathic Medicine

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