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Julek Meissner,
N.D. Homeopathic Medicine

Nothing To Sneeze At (The Joys of Hay Fever)

Hay fever affects 10% of our Canadian public. In the summer of 1979 I was one of those 3 million Canadians, sneezing, nose-blowing, itchy-eyed, and feeling all around miserable. I had had these symptoms in previous summers, but never as intensely. I had had stress in previous years as well, but never this kind, as 1979 was the year when my brother was murdered.

1979 was also the year I was introduced to homeopathic medicine. A colleague offered me a homeopathic remedy made from the salt. Natrum muriaticum is known to produce numerous side-effects in healthy volunteers, among others an inability to cry despite feeling great sadness.

Everyone is different, and we all react to stress in our own unique way. No one can prepare for tragedies such as the one I experienced in 1979, and I was no exception. I remember the shock, the sadness and grief. I also remember the numbness, where I couldn?t cry. More precisely, my eyes cried in the form of hay fever, while my being shut down the emotions that overwhelmed.

Each of us is unique. Our nature determines the way we react to stress. Some of us cry, others feel anger, or anxiety and fear, some develop headaches, or chronic fatigue, insomnia, or arthritis. My predispositions were toward hay fever, an overreaction of my immune system toward my environment.

Homeopathy works by tailoring a natural substance to our unique nature, finding something in nature that has an affinity to our nature. There is no one Rx for hay fever, but there is a remedy that is homeopathic to you and that can awaken your inner healer, not only helping to relieve hay fever but being a holistic rejuvenator for all your healing needs. The key is to understand yourself, knowing what makes you unique and different from others with the same condition.

There are over 3000 homeopathic substances in use today, over 120 of them associated with symptoms of hay fever. Each homeopathic Rx has its own unique personality or sphere of influence, physical, emotional, mental. The key is to find the one most suitable to your nature.

Our symptoms are not the problem. In fact, they represent a language produced by our nature, our body?s unique attempt at restoring balance. Natural substances too have their own voice, their own language, manifesting as side effects in experiments conducted on healthy volunteers. Like with like goes the saying. Symptoms produced on the healthy are the signature or the voice of that substance, and the goal of the homeopathic treatment is to find a voice harmonious to our own nature.

We are all born with the ability to heal ourselves. It may not be easy to see the silver lining at the time of a crisis, but the power to heal is ever present. Finding our ally in nature merely facilitates that ability. One dose of Natrum muriaticum is all I needed in 1979, facilitating a healing in the hay fever and the numbness. Emotions were felt again, as was the grace that eventually comes with healing, while the hay fever symptoms improved for the rest of the summer, and never came back again.

Dr. Julek Meissner, N.D. runs Full Circle Healing, a holistic health care practice in Ottawa.

Patient Testimonial on Seasonal Allergies

"I have suffered from pollen allergy for many years; frequent sneezing, itchy eyes and runny nose, along with a lot of coughing at night. I had to stay indoors as much as possible, kept the windows shut, and showered and changed clothes every time I had to go out. I did not want to take allergy pills, but it was necessary to reduce these symptoms, otherwise I could not function.

As a last resort I turned to homeopathy in 2008. Dr. Meissner interviewed me for several hours to uncover the underlying physical and emotional cause of my allergies. The results were dramatic; sneezing reduced, night time cough stopped, and I was freed to enjoy the outdoors. I can now walk my dog, have supper outside, garden? In short, I can enjoy the beautiful season again.

Homeopathy worked much better than I expected, and I really appreciate it."

- Miwako Uesaka, Professor of East Asian Studies,
McGill University, Montreal