Homeopathic medicine is not a substitute for a healthy life-style.Homeopathy works best in conjunction with balanced eating and exercise habits... Read More... There are over 3000 homeopathic medicines to choose from, derived from plant, animal, or mineral Sources.Read More... Homeopathy rocks because it harnesses the most powerful medicinal tool available to mankind, our own self-healing capacity.Read More...
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As a community service Dr Meissner offers free lectures to educate the public about homeopathic medicine, how it differs from naturopathy, herbalism, nutrition, and other holistic methods of health care. If you are interested in attending a free lecture, RSVP us by phone or e-mail

If you are unable to attend any of the lecture dates offered by Dr Meissner, you could volunteer to help organize a lecture date with your friends and neighbors in your neighborhood. For further information email Julek.

Julek Meissner ND, DHANP

? Julek Meissner,
N.D. Homeopathic Medicine