Homeopathy in Chronic Disease.

In a 6-year, observational study involving 6,544 consecutive follow-up patients with a wide range of chronic conditions, homeopathic intervention was found to provide positive health changes to a substantial proportion of the patients. The patients received routine homeopathic care at an outpatient clinic of the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital in the UK, a UK National Health Service Hospital. At the end of every follow-up consultation, patient outcomes based on scores on a 7-point Likert-type scale were assessed as overall outcomes compared to their baseline assessments. Of all the patients, 50.7%

(n = 3,318) rated their overall health change as better or much better, while 70.7% of the patients reported some degree of improvement. Thus, this study suggests that homeopathic treatment may benefit patients with a wide range of chronic ailments, and warrants further studies using different designs to further research the effectiveness of homeopathy.

Reference: “Homeopathic treatment for chronic disease: a 6-year, university-hospital outpatient observational study,” Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine, 2005; 11(5): 793-8. (Address: Directorate of Homeopathic Medicine, United Bristol Healthcare, National Health Service Trust, Bristol, United Kingdom). Spence DS, Thompson EA, Barron SJ.