Chocolate, and "Provings"

Chocolate is one good way for me to introduce you the reader to the concept of 'provings', a feature that distinguishes homeopathic methodology from any other health care approach. Provings are experiments conducted on healthy volunteers to determine the therapeutic indications for a particular substance.

Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, discovered the 'principle of similars' (on which homeopathy is based, which states that substances which can produce symptoms in healthy volunteers, can cure similar symptoms in sick people - Hence the word homeopathy, which comes from the Greek words "homeo", meaning similar, and "pathy", meaning suffering, or disease) while conducting an experiment on Peruvian Bark, a plant from which Quinine is derived to treat Malaria. After ingesting some of the powdered plant, Hahnemann developed symptoms of fever and chills, along with exhaustion, sweats, and a head ache...; all classic symptoms of malaria, a condition Hahnemann had never suffered from before. The symptoms lasted but a short period of time, so Hahnemann decided to try some more of the bark, again having a repeat of the symptoms, albeit in a less intense form. This was the beginning of the science of homeopathic medicine, a science which bases its understanding of what is medicinal in a natural substance on provings, experiments conducted on healthy volunteers.

Chocolate is now a homeopathic medicine, thanks to a proving conducted by Jeremy Sherr a decade ago. Dr J's experience with the use of Chocolate as a homeopathic medicine is in severe parental depression involving an attachment problem with one's own children, where the parent is either too attached and can't let go, or the opposite extreme, where the parent wants nothing to do with his/her children. Other homeopathic remedies are also listed under this symptom and need to be ruled out, but this medicine, when prescribed correctly can be profound for those suffering from such a depression.

The following article on the health benefits of chocolate appeared recently on the web. (Here, the web site link that I sent you for that chocolate article, followed by the following interview with Jeremy)

The following is an interview with Jeremy on why he did the proving of chocolate and several other provings he conducted. I down loaded the interview from the Whole Health Now website,, one of several companies dedicated to creating remarkable homeopathic software. This web site is full of interesting information, and is highly recommended for anyone who is interested in learning more about homeopathic medicine.

Jeremy Sherr

The American Homeopath Interview

Jeremy Sherr [bio] has published provings of Scorpion, Chocolate, Hydrogen, Diamond, Swan, Bald Eagle, Plutonium, and several others. All of these provings are highly appreciated as valuable additions to our homeopathic literature.

Through his Dynamis School he offers superior education in homeopathy.

AH Why did you choose to prove Scorpion?

JS: Well, I chose Scorpion because I'd just come from Israel, and a lot of people get bitten by scorpions there.

So I saw what it does and I said, "Ah! Let's see the proving of Scorpion." I open the Homeopathic literature - no proving of Scorpion.

AH Was the Scorpion indigenous to Israel?


Yes. I actually went and hunted down a scorpion one morning, and I caught it. I'd read in the books that you could eject the poison by connecting it to twelve volts, so I connect the two car battery cables, to the scorpion, revved up and it ejected its poison.

But eventually I didn't use that because we didn't have a definite identification on that scorpion. It's really important when doing a proving to have a precise identification.

Like with the scorpion, or whatever you want to prove - you should know what type it is, what age, sex, where was it found, what part of the body used, what weight , how much alcohol you used, all that information should be precise.

Then I went to the Institute of Bugs and Scorpions in Israel, and they gave me a well-documented scorpion. It is the most virulent scorpion they have in Israel.

AH And why did you choose to prove Hydrogen?


I'd started a big study of the periodic table and I use the periodic table a lot in my studies and analogy and thinking.

So, when I was studying it, four or five years ago I understood that the higher up you go on the periodic table the more basic you go and that Hydrogen is the mother of all things. So I decided we should start proving the whole periodic table and we should start from the beginning.

So I started from Hydrogen. Later on during the proving, I thought, "I've taken on something too big." Because it was such an amazing proving, so fantastic that I thought, "I have no right to be starting this".

But seeing as I had started it, I had to finish. Since then I've done Neon, Germanium and Brassica, and now another element, so it keeps happening. It'll take me another two or three years, at this rate, to finish them.

The data is all there, but the real work is in extracting, collating, editing, repertorizing and publishing.

I do all the publications myself, because it's too small a market. People don't want to pay ten or fifteen bucks for a book that has one remedy in it. They'd rather pay fifteen bucks for a book that has fifty remedies.

AH Can you foresee a time when the provers' unions will come back?


I think that so many people are really eager to do provings now. Many Homoeopaths contact me about provings. I know of provings in London, Newcastle, Norway, California, Germany.

But, you know, a lot of people start a proving and they get stuck when they find out how much work it is. It happens. I know of a few provings that are stuck in the middle.

AH And why did you prove Chocolate?


When I proved Hydrogen, I proved Chocolate at the same time to double-blind myself. I didn't know what was Chocolate and what was Hydrogen during the trial.

I chose Hydrogen on a theoretical basis, because I said, "OK, begin at the periodic table, at the beginning," and all that.

In contrast I thought, "what's the thing that I see clinically every day?" So many people have a strong desire for chocolate, often more than any other food. And it's a food that is well connected to the emotions, but only very slightly represented in the repertory.

I thought we have to see what this is about so I proved it, and the result was so unexpected, it blew my mind. It took me a long time to understand what it was about, really.

Now I've started to understand it. We saw some nice chocolate cases; it was great. The result from the Chocolate proving was very weird. We could never have guessed the results in a million years.

AH Didn't the toxicological reports tip you off finally?


That really brought it to light. Without the toxicology, I wouldn't have understood the proving. And fortunately on chocolate, we have a lot of toxicology.

I interviewed homeopathic students who are chocoholics all over the world, and I put all the data together with videos, and TV clips, only then did I start to understand what it's all about. The toxicological information enhances the proving very much.

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