by Frans Kusse
March 2006

Since 1998, the Netherlands has been using homeopathy both in helping drug addicts recover their health.
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Since seven years May 1998 homeopathy has been part of the treatment in ‘De Brijder’, a regular clinic for addiction in the province of ‘Noord-Holland’. Amsterdam has its own clinic, Jellinek. Both clinics are closely related and cooperate in scientific research. ‘De Brijder’ has many offices all over the province. The clinic itself is located in Alkmaar, 40 kilometers north-west of Amsterdam and contains a detox unit, a unit for outpatients (part-time) and a unit for inpatients.

Homeopathy was introduced as a possibility for clients of the clinic who had some stability in their private life and social environment and insight in their underlying problems. Especially the therapists of the outpatient unit were much in favor of holistic approaches and in fact, they invited me to work in the clinic. 

159 clients have been treated with homeopathy since 1998, with significant results in the order of about 70% of the clients reacting well, feeling emotionally and physically better, and were clean when they left the clinic.

One of the ‘excellent’ cases was spectacular. For a man who suffered from obsessive, fearful thoughts I prescribed one dose of Lithium metallicum 30K. In the first week his symptoms got worse, but after that week the thoughts, the main reason to use drugs, were gone and did not appear again!

Outpatient unit:

My close cooperation with the therapists of the outpatient unit taught me a lot about healing and especially about the possibilities in the treatment of addiction.

Clients of this unit visit the clinic three days a week during six to nine months. They have to be clean and the use of alcohol or drugs during treatment is strictly forbidden, although in practice some ‘failures’ are tolerated.

The therapy is very intense and includes group therapy, bodywork, creative therapy, family constellations, relation therapy, etc. The aim of the treatment is to get insight into the underlying problems, to solve them or to learn to live with them as well as possible and to integrate this in daily life.

From the holistic point of view the real cause of addiction is not only to be found in the (inherited) constitution, but also in the system of upbringing and in traumas. By personal interviews we discovered that about 80% are victims of sexual and/or physical abuse, and about 50% of the addicts are victims of sexual abuse during their youth.

The role of homeopathy in the treatment of addiction:

Homeopathy appears to be an important instrument in translating insight (information) in order to change patterns of feeling and behavior (body). In my view transference of information is the explanation of the effect of homeopathy (as is stated by prof. Dr. Madeleine Bastide -1-). The combination of being aware of the underlying problem (consciousness) and stimulus to the vital force (homeopathic remedy) enforce each other and can really give permanent cure, physically, emotionally and mentally. Insight alone can sometimes bring real change, but in practice it is seldom strong enough to take away patterns of addiction. It seems as if these patterns have become part of the body memory, like the genetic information.

Homeopathy can help at three levels; detoxification, the present physical condition and the actual state of mind. The first level is the actual condition of the client. Although at this moment homeopathy is not used during the period of detoxification, I am sure that it could be of much help. Most clients I see for the first time have actual problems. They show symptoms that are caused by the drugs or alcohol they use, they are physically in a bad condition, and/or they suffer from recent emotional traumas. I am convinced that it is necessary to start the treatment at this level.


Homeopathy helps to overcome addiction.

In the treatment of addiction, homeopathy can prove its worth as part of mainstream medicine, especially when conducted by a team within a regular clinic.

Every ‘good’ homeopathic doctor can treat clients with addiction. The homeopathic work does not differ much from the general practice.

Working in a team often supplies information that makes the homeopathic interview complete and eases the remedy choice.

The homeopathic interview often brings essential information for other therapies.